KPTV (Fox 12) is a Fox-affiliated television station located in Portland, Oregon. The studios are located on Sunset Highway in Beaverton, while its transmitter is located in the Sylvan-Highlands section of Portland. KPTV 12 offers live online newstcast.

Fox 12 Portland Details  

KPTV, virtual and VHF digital channel 12, is a Fox-affiliated television station licensed to Portland, Oregon, United States. The station is owned by the Meredith Local Media subsidiary of Des Moines, Iowa-based Meredith Corporation, as part of a duopoly with Vancouver, Washington-licensed MyNetworkTV affiliate KPDX (channel 49). Although the two stations share studios on NW Greenbrier Parkway in Beaverton and transmitter facilities in the Sylvan-Highlands section of Portland, master control and some internal operations are based at Meredith’s West Coast hub facility at the studios of CBS-affiliated sister station KPHO-TV in Phoenix, Arizona.

KPTV signed on the air on September 20, 1952, as Oregon’s first television station. KPTV originally broadcast on channel 27, making it also the nation’s first commercial television station to broadcast on the UHF band. (the first experimental UHF station was Bridgeport, Connecticut’s KC2XAK on channel 24). The station was originally owned by Empire Coil. As Portland’s only television station at the time, it carried programming from all four networks of the time: ABC, CBS, NBC and the DuMont Television Network. CBS programming was dropped from KPTV’s schedule when Portland’s first VHF station, KOIN-TV (channel 6), signed on the air on October 15, 1953. KPTV then became a primary NBC affiliate, and also continued to air some ABC and DuMont programming.

KPTV also aired programs from the short-lived Paramount Television Network during the early 1950s; in fact, it was one of that network’s strongest affiliates, carrying Paramount programs such as Time For Beany, Hollywood Wrestling, and Bandstand Revue. During the late 1950s, the station was also briefly affiliated with the NTA Film Network. Empire Coil sold KPTV and its other broadcast property, WXEL (now WJW-TV) in Cleveland, to Storer Broadcasting on November 17, 1954. On August 11, 1954, KPTV became the first television station in Portland to broadcast in color, three days before KOIN achieved the same milestone.

The VHF channel 12 allocation in Portland was first occupied by KLOR-TV, which signed on March 8, 1955, as a primary ABC affiliate with a secondary DuMont affiliation. However, KLOR’s network affiliations were short-lived. In 1956, KLOR lost its affiliations with both networks as the DuMont Television Network ceased operations, and the ABC affiliation moved to KGW-TV (channel 8) when that station signed on the air in December. On April 17, 1957, Detroit businessman George Haggerty purchased KPTV from Storer and KLOR from its local owners. On May 1, the two stations merged under KPTV’s license, but using the stronger channel 12 signal (channel 27 was later used by independent station KHTV, which was on the air for less than four months in 1959; more recently, the channel 27 frequency was used by the digital signal of PBS member station KOPB-TV, which returned to its original channel 10 assignment following the analog shutdown; the KHTV call letters were later used to sign on channel 39 in Houston in 1967, that station used the callsign from its launch until 1999; it is now KIAH).

On April 17, 1959, KPTV swapped affiliations with KGW and became an ABC affiliate. Later that year, KPTV was sold to the NAFI Corporation, which then purchased Chris-Craft Boats in early 1960 and changed its name to Chris-Craft Industries. Color broadcasting by KPTV ended when NBC changed affiliations to KGW, in 1959, but returned in 1962, when ABC began color broadcasting.

KPTV can boast being the home of the two top children’s TV hosts in Portland’s history: Rusty Nails, a sweet-natured clown who was the rough inspiration for The Simpsons creator Matt Groening’s Krusty the Klown; and “Ramblin’ Rod” Anders. While Rusty Nails ran Three Stooges shorts, Ramblin’ Rod ran Popeye cartoons. Ramblin’ Rod was the longest-running kid’s show in Portland TV history, airing from 1964 to 1997. Other KPTV children’s hosts included longtime KPTV personality Gene Brendler who played “Bent Nails” (Rusty’s “brother”), and George Ross, who played “Dr. Zoom.” Bob Adkins, better known as “Addie Bobkins,” brought his show to KPTV from Eugene’s KVAL-TV in 1961. “Addie Bobkins” featured a wise-cracking beatnik hand puppet named “Weird Beard.” Both Ross and Adkins ran a variety of cartoons to entertain the kids.